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About IOS - How to find the Island
How to find it

If you're an Alien, maybe it's not so easy to find the Island. Cause at first you have to find the Planet EARTH. As next you have to find EUROPE. That's easy.
GREECE, the country it's a little bit harder. You will find in the southeast of EUROPE.
Take a flight to ATHENS or to the Island SANTORINI.


Some Important News for Everyone.
Beginning of April 2001, the New Airport in Athen is open.
Now it's a longer way to come to the City, or the PIRAEUS (the Port). To Port between 45" (just in the morning, if you have a Bus driver from Hell) and about 1h 15" during the day by normal traffic.
Don't believe the Taxi drivers, sometimes the wanna tell you, there are no Busses.
The Busses to the City, run between every 7" and every 30", to the Port between 15" and 30". The Exactly timetable is changing every year.
To the City, you have to take the Bus E95 - endpoint is Syntagma Square, or E94 - endpoint is Ethniki Amyna, from here you can take the Metro M3 also to Syntagma.
Price for the ticket is € 5,-. It's a unlimited 24h ticket. So you can visit the Town. If you want ... :-)
There are some old Stones, beautiful Girls, and a nice Market around Syntagma.
The best time to go to Island is the Night. Take the last boot, mostley there is a Boot at 10.00 pm. During the Main season are going till 12 Boots to IOS. Including the Speed Boots from Rafina. But not every day. Really daily is the Boot at 8.00 am, 7.00 pm and 10.00 pm. This one is the best, cause you arrive the island about 5.30 in the morning. Try to wake up before, or you will visit Santorini. :-)
Here you can look directly:
Believe me, it's too HOT on the day. And if you search a room, you have only a good chance in the morning. If you stay at the Camping, you have to know from where the Sun is coming (Shadow!!!).


You will have the same Problem. Every Taxi driver will tell you, there is no Bus. Don't believe it.
And for sure, the driver want to rip you off. Take the Bus. Maybe sometimes you have to wait a little bit. Just on the evening when you have to catch the last Ferry at 8.00 pm you will need a taxi. Some of them take the way in about 20min. (It's better when you're not too much drunk ...)
But this is nothing new in Greece.
The Bus is going to the Chora, from there another Bus is going to the Port. If there is no Bus going, there is also no Ferry going. But this just happen when it's too much wind, or they have a little strike.


On the the Port are waitting a lot of people. From the Campings, Hotels and other rooms.
Best Camping is CAMPING STAR, now called PURPLE PIG. A nice small place at Melopotas Beach.
A lot of Mini Markets closed to the Camping. Also the old FAR OUT CAFE. This was a Party place in the past. Now the Party is beside, at the Delphini Corner. The only Problem, it's a little bit more far to walk home in the Night.
The shorter distance to go home is the IOS CAMPING at the Port. Also the have good places for the Camper without Tent. Also this Beach is very clean now and more quiet as Mylopotas Beach. And no stress at the Watersport place.
There is also another Camping, on the end of the Mylopotas Beach. Called FAR OUT CAMPING.
Forget it. It's expensive there, and normally there is nothing going on. (Only at the Midsummer Fest)
There are also a lot of Hotels and other places. But I don't go there. So, only information on the official IOS Page.

About IOS Places to go
Places to go

Our Day Rhythm

We start the Day at Delphini Corner, some with Breakfast - some break the Breakfast fast ...
Next part is Beach time. Around the beginning of Melopotas Beach are 4 Mini Markets. Enough places to pay some drinks.
If you wanna eat real food during the day, or before you leave the Beach, there are 3 good places in this corner.
The Harmony, a Mexican Restaurant on the Rocks,with very good food, but high prices. And you have to be there before 8 p.m., or waitting a long time for a sitting place.
Also the Thai Restaurant at the Delphini Corner is very good.
And beside this one there is a little Greek Taverna, with very good traditional Greek Food.
Also up in the Village you will find a lot of good eatting places.
Lord Byrons, with very good grrek Food, just a little bit small. So if you're more that 10 or 12 Persons, call them on the day before, to get the extra room.
(Der grieche oben) another very good Greek Taverne.
And closed to the Main Square there is a Quick eatting place with good Creepes and other stuff.


There are a lot of nice Beaches on IOS. A few of them are easy to arrive.
The first one you will see when you arrive the Island ist the one beside the Port. These days now much more cleaner as on the beginning, and quiet.
In the near, there is the Koumbara Beach. Quiet, clean, and a good Taverne to eat.
For a one day break nice.
On the other side of the Port, there is the Valma Beach 20 min. to go. Very Quiet.
The most important Beach: Mylopotas Beach. Easy to find, take the Bus. The Beach is about 2 km long. Jump out of the Bus on the beginning. This is the one and only Party Place. Directly in front of the old FAR OUT Cafe and the DELPHINI you will find us. And if you see the Pirate Flag, I'm also there.
In the southeast of the Island, you will find Manganari Beach. You can go there with Bus, Boot or Motorcyles.
In the near of this Beach, there is our lonely Party Beach. Take a BOOZE CRUISES and you will know more.
And in the North of the Island you will find Ag. Theodotis and Psathi. Sometimes goes a Bus there. Very empty.

At Night:

I vote for the SOUL KITCHEN (there is only on problem it's closed now.) Also the STUDIO 42, the same problem.
Best place for Rock 'n' Roll is: JONI'S ELECTRIC on the beginning of the Square. You can also try KALUHA between the DISCO 69 and the Square (sorry, but Kaluha has now the same problem as the Soul Kitchen - it's closed.), better try the Orange Bar. Most of the time good Rock Music and good Drinks. The BLUE NOTE was the meeting place of the most Skandinavians longer time, but it's more quit there now.

Booze Cruises:

This is not a commercial touist Tour!!! And it's not periodical. Just the first on each year is fixed. On the 29. of June. Come to the Beach or to the DELPHINI CORNER and ask Pete. Meeting Point is the Port at High Noon. You pay for the Boot, a barbecue and the most important thing: The ALCOHOL. Believe me, in normally there is no one coming back on the evening without walking problems. It' s GREAT!

Special Day's:

Midsummer Fest:

The Friday after the Midsummer, the Skandinavian celebrate a Party, where ever the are. Meeting Point on IOS is somewhere in the Village (around the Square) before midday. Later are going all of them to the Far out Camping, and celebrate.

Winter Sport Day:

No idea how it was coming over us to feel for Wintersport in the middle of summer. But a few years before, Eugsti (LINK!!!) was bringing his Ski to IOS, and so we had a lot of fun on the Beach, and in the Village. After this we started the Winter Sport Day on IOS on the 2th of July. Since a few years we will play Icehockey on the Beach now and we will drink a lot of Original Glühwein.
Everyone is welcome to this special Party, and enjoy the Game.

Indian Day:

On the 4th of July, all the American celebrate the Independence Day. But on IOS, it's the Day of the Comeback of the Indians. Meeting Point is the Bar Seven Eleven. (If you wanna enjoy it, ask members of the IOS Terror Crew.) Later, you will see the Indians attacking the Delphini Corner and the Beach (But just for a very short time, the big Party is happen at the Camping Stars).

Christmas Party:

Two months later, on the 4th of September, we celebrate the IOS Christmas Party. (Cause in December it's a little bit too cold on IOS, and no one will be there.) Also at the Delphini Corner and the Beach.

You will find more Informations about our Partys here

About IOS - to take with you
To take with you

There exist a lot of needfull and usefull things that you should take with you, when you go to IOS.


I vote for a big Rucksack, put your Fingers away from that trashy Suitcases with rolls. The "streets" on IOS (and also Athens) are horrible to use.
When you fly to Athens, the best way to IOS is to take the Night Boot, so I vote for a sleeping bag, and maybe something to sleep on. Inside the Boot the Air is sticky, and the shout if you're too noisy. And you never know about yourself after a few drinks.
Buy something to drink in Athens, it's fucking expensive on the Boat. There is a Mini Market about 10min walking away from the Port where you get Drinks and Chips till late at Night. (BESCHREIBUNG!!!)


It's hot on the Beach, take a lot to Drink with you, or if you stay at Milopotas Beach, you have 4 Mini Markets behind you.
Something for your Head, and a lot of Sunblocker is very important. You will feel the difference latestly when you fall asleep.
Music is always something good for the fun on the Beach.
And don't forget your swimming clothes, when you stay on an official Beach. If you try there to be nacked, you get arrested very quick.
But you will find a lot of empty Beaches around the Island where you can do what ever you want ...

At Night

You defenitly don't need a jacket or something like this, it's still warm the hole Night. And some of the Girls you will meet during the Night, looks like coming directly from the Beach.
Everywhere in the Village you will find Mini Markets who sell Alcohol till the Bars are also closed. Just don't forget your Money.

Midsummer Party

If you wanna enjoy the Party really good, cover yourself as a Scandinavian.
So you need Colors:
Blue/Yellow for Sweden
Red/White for Denmark
Blue/White for Finnland
Blue/Red/White for Norway or Island.
A Icehockey Shirt is also very usefull, and maybe to speak some important Words like: Jag ar full, Skall, Hur mar du, For helvete, Jag ar trott, Skal ta me fan botten up, and if you meet a beautifull Girl (and there are a lot!): Jag alskar dig.

Booze Cruise

Most Important thing: Be at the Port in time, the Boat is not waitting!
We have a lot of Alcohol on the Boat, but if you want Water, you have to take it with you.
Take an Airmatraze (?) or something like this with you, cause one of the two Beaches where we go, is arriving just with swimming.

Icehockey Tournament

If you wanna enjoy the Party, take some Icehockey Equipment with you, minimum an Icehockey Stick.
And I really suggest Helmet, Gloves and other savty Equipment, special if you have to play against Bill...
Icehockey Boots could also be an idea.
You can also bring some christmas Equipment with you, like Hat, Beard, Christmas Tree, Snowman, (Eis scholle?) or things like this ...

Indian Party

You need a lot of Colors (maybe you still have somethig from the Midsummer Party), Feder, Weapons (just Scalpnifes, Tomahawks, Bow, and Toilet Brushes (just New ones) are aloud.
Also a lot to drink for the long way to the Beach.
It's very usefull for the next day, if you have pills for your throat.

Christmas Party

You can use the same things as on the Icehockey Tournament, maybe without Icehockey Sticks ...

About IOS - Tips for IOS

Places to Avoid:
  • Italy.

  • Any foreign police station, where their idea of humor is not understand your "Eeengerlish", before banging you up for the night.

  • The clap clinic.

  • Myconos

  • That "boys only" disco called The Pink Toothbrush opposite your hotel.

  • Any of the places featured in The Godfather films. Your Eyes mistakenly meet those of an eighteenstone women with a shuffling gait and hairier legs than Brian Blessed, and before you know it her eight older brothers will insist on marching you down the aisle - in concrete boots if necessary.

  • Italy.

  • The hole Greece in the first two weeks of August. (Cause all of the Italians will be there, in these time.)

  • The Army Training School.

  • Your local library.

  • Oh, and Italy.

Things NOT to Say:
  • "What are you staring at then, eh?"
  • "Call this a pint? I've tasted nicer badger's sweat"
  • "Oi, Stavros ... dos kekabos, sivooplay!"
  • "What do you mean you don't sell sticks of rock?"
  • "Have you got any sisters that are up for it?"
  • "Take this greasy pile of shite away and bring me some egg and chips."
What to Wear:
  • Skintight posing pouch. (Stuffed full of toilet roll, natch)
  • Gold medallion. (Disco and beach only. Works just on Mykonos.)
  • A 1982 Rolling Stones "Crew and Personnel"  tour jacket.
  • A sleeveless Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt.
  • Obscenely large wrap - around mirrored sunglasses. (Slap some of that white gunge on your nose for the ski instructor/surfer look.)
  • An absurdly expensive 35mm camera with a two - foot zoom lens around your neck. (Size is important. Get the biggest lens you can.)
Places to Go
(Yes, apart from the Bar):
  • A place where there's a nudist colony (just don't forget to pack those mirrored shades).

  • A place of historic interest with lots of ruins; because there'll be loads of classy women with glasses.

  • The local discotheque, even though all the music will be at least two years out of date and you'll have to drink Ouzaki, or something with a silly name.

  • The hotel swimming pool, just in case someone asks, you to rub suntan lotion all over their inner thighs ... but make sure that it's a woman first (very important, if you go to Myconos).

  • Any cafe with a balcony, so that you can get a bird's - eye view of those busty, scantily - clad girls skipping down to the beach.

  • A quaint local bar where you can get completly plastered for a tenth of the price ... but you'll probably feel ten times as sick in the morning.

  • The countryside where you will invariable meet buxom local girls either milking cows on hillside or picking flowers and putting them in wicker baskets.

Things to Say:
  • "A girlfriend, me? Of ourse not. That's my sister ." (Essential, really)

  • "It's my first time too." (Learn and then memorise this in at least three different languages.)

  • "You don't have any older brother's, do you?" (Very important - especially if she's Greek)

  • "The light from the water seems to make your eyes sparkle like emeralds in a sea of velvet." (Say this even if she's wearing bifocals and looks like Marti Feldmann - flattery will get you everywhere

  • "I think it's important to sample the local culture. In fact, I spend my day at the ancient monastery and I even sampled the monk's home-made honey mead ..." (Truth is you've been supping Newcastle Brown in the Lineker Bar since the plane hit the tarmac.)

  • "I'm looking for property, actually." (Who's to know that you're on a $ 99 two - week package deal from Thomas Cook?)

  • "Actually, me and the band are recording on the island. By the way have you seen Elton? Little guy with a bad wig ... you can't miss him." (This works particulary well with music - starved Italians who think Judas Priest and A-ha are the coolest bands on the planet.

  • "Fancy a shag, love?" (Say this to a Welsh girl and you're onto a dead cert.)